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The Big Panda story began 22 years ago, in 1996, initially developing an import-export food product under the name ALMERA INTERNATIONAL S.R.L
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BigPanda assures consumers that the only products that come to them are those that are only obtained from fresh milk and selective lactic crops.
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Better then ever

  • Telemea Cow Cheese 400gr
  • Făgăraș with salt 200gr
  • Processed cheese with cream 125 gr
  • Greek Yoghurt 10%, 300 gr
  • Fresh milk 3,5%, 1L

Telemea Cow Cheese 400gr

The Telemea Cow Cheese is usually salty, typically 25% fat and 50% water. The Telemea cheese goes through a period of maturation in brine, where it can be stored for several months, gaining the characteristic taste. It is made from pasteurized cow's milk, selected lactic cultures, rennet, salt (max 3%)

Făgăraș with salt 200gr

Fresh cow's cheese made of milk of pasteurized, homogenized milk and pasteurized, unfermented sweet cream. It is made from fresh cheese and cream (50%) obtained from pasteurized cow's milk, salt (1%).

Processed cheese with cream 125 gr

Product obtained from one or more assortments of cheeses by melting and emulsifying them under the action of heat and melting salts.  It is made from pasteurized cow's milk curd, hard cheese, sour cream (14%), salt, melting salts (E450 and E452).

Greek Yoghurt 10%, 300 gr

The king of yoghurt, praised by everyone, whom you have only heard good about because it has good fats and protein and which should be part of a straight A breakfast. It is made from high temperature pasteurized cow's milk, fortified with milk protein concentrates obtained by ultrafiltration, selected lactic cultures.

Fresh milk 3,5%, 1L

According to the studies, milk contains nine essential nutrients from which people's health gains. In other words, milk is very important in nutrition and does not need to be consumed in large quantities to take advantage of its benefits.

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Our team

Gabriel Lupu

Gabriel Lupu is the Sales Director. Because fresh milk must be shared with friends and family every day and should not be held for itself, Gabi is looking every day for these delicious and nourishing dairy products to reach as many people as possible. Gabi helps like Big Panda products always to be around you.

Mihaela Vlad

Mihaela Vlad is the Economic Director. Because we want to offer you products that offer every sip tradition and a special taste that will last in time, to be fresh and get to you as fast as possible, Mihaela takes care of all these mechanisms to spin and give you joy through every Big Panda product.

Mădălina Lepca

Mădălina Lepca is Quality Manager. She is that miracle man who ensures that our traditional products are valid, healthy, tasty and gives you joy through each drop. Each bottle of milk passes through her hand and gets approval to be transformed into a sana, cheese or butter that will delight you every minute of your life.

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